About Us

The John J. Wright Alumni Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in 1993. John J. Wright Alumni Association had its beginnings in the mid 1950s under the leadership of the late Mrs. Thelma Pryor. Among the purposes of the organization was to retain a connection among John J. Wright alumni and the school community. Over the years, for various reasons, the organization became dormant.

In 1993, the John J. Wright Alumni Association was reorganized and chartered as the John J. Wright Alumni Association Incorporated. Its purposes: to preserve and disseminate the history of African Americans in Spotsylvania County, Virginia; to promote, enhance and foster education and community welfare in the county in a charitable manner; and to promote fellowship among the alumni of Spotsylvania (Snell) Training School, John J. Wright School and John J. Wright Consolidated School.

There are two annual events the association hosts: A Scholarship Banquet and Dance (Columbus Day weekend) and Alumni Family & Friends Day (third Saturday in July) at the John J. Wright Parksite.

The association presents scholarships and stipends each year to graduating seniors with money collected from banquet ticket profits, pledges, donation and fundraisers such as raffle tickets and shirt sales.